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Voices of Evercam: Meet Scarlett Oliver – UK Account Executive

Voices of Evercam: Meet Scarlett Oliver – UK Account Executive

“I’m a strong believer that you can sell any product as long as you are passionate about sales.”

Scarlett’s career in sales began when she realised her love for talking and connecting with people made it the perfect fit. Initially, she started in law but soon discovered her true calling in sales, especially within the construction industry, thanks to her interest in architecture and photography. Now, at nearly 30, Scarlett has created a unique career path that showcases her passion and adaptability. In this month’s Voices of Evercam Q&A, she shares her career highlights, insights into the latest construction technology, and the lessons she has learned.

Can you tell us a bit about your background?

Sure! I’ve been working in sales for about 12 years now. Initially, I studied law, but  I quickly realized that I’m a bit of a chatterbox and love engaging with people, which naturally led me to a career in sales. I’ve always been outgoing and active, enjoying hobbies like playing games and going to the gym. I started in recruitment, then moved into tech sales, and eventually found my way into the construction industry. 

Scarlett Oliver Graduation

What inspired you to transition from law to construction sales?

My journey into the construction industry began unexpectedly with a sales job in recruitment. A client headhunted me for a role in a company specializing in time-lapse photography for construction projects. I found the industry fascinating, especially due to my interest in architecture and photography. As a child, I loved building houses in The Sims, which likely sparked my early interest in construction.

Scarlett Oliver doing photography

What drew you specifically to the technology side of construction?

Initially, it was the sales aspect that attracted me – I believe that if you’re passionate, you can sell any product. However, once I joined Evercam, the technology and AI side of construction tech really captivated me. The vision for AI and machine learning to analyze years of video data from construction sites is incredibly inspiring. I’m passionate about the future of our AI products.

Scarlett Oliver with fellow Evrercam colleagues at a construction event

How do you stay ahead of technological advancements in the construction industry?

A big part of it is getting out there and talking to people on the ground in different roles – project managers, contractors, surveyors, and so on. I ask lots of open questions to understand their pain points and workflows. You get such valuable insights this way that you can’t always get from researching online. The other part is being fully immersed in our product roadmaps and future AI capabilities so I can evangelize that vision.

Have you had any particularly challenging or rewarding projects or sales?

One of the most challenging roles was in recruitment, especially dealing with candidates. Everyone had different job requirements, which made it difficult to match them with the right roles. I discovered that I preferred the client side of recruitment which led to my interest in selling products & software.

In my sales career, one of my most rewarding achievements was at my previous company. In my first year, I billed nearly £1 million at age 26, which was double what my predecessor achieved. This success allowed the company to invest more in R&D and take the product further, which was rewarding.

What advice would you give to companies considering construction cameras?

I advise companies to look beyond traditional security cameras. Evercam’s solutions offer much more than surveillance.

we provide high-quality video footage of entire projects, which is essential for project management, dispute resolution, and future planning. Our AI capabilities add even more value by delivering insights and efficiencies that standard cameras can’t. People often think it’s just a niche product, but there’s so much more to it. Considering the long-term benefits and ROI, Evercam’s solutions are a smart investment for any construction project.

How do you build and maintain long-term relationships with clients?

It’s about being genuine and interested in the person, not just business, which is key. I enjoy the challenge of connecting with initially “difficult” people who might be busy or having a bad day. Building a long-term relationship means going beyond small talk to find common interests, like football or family.

When meeting anyone new, I try to have a meaningful conversation and be genuinely interested in them as a person. That’s how you build trust and strong relationships over time.

How do you manage expectations and handle challenges with clients?

Managing expectations is all about clear communication and understanding the client’s needs and pain points. I ask open questions to understand their challenges and then tailor our solutions to address those issues. Building a rapport and finding common ground also helps. If challenges arise, I stay transparent and work collaboratively with the client to find a resolution. It’s about being proactive and showing that you care about their success.

How have mentors helped shape your professional perspective?

Mentors have kept me motivated, thinking outside the box and gaining different perspectives. I’m quite fortunate to have had some great mentors. One significant mentor was a lady from KPMG who headhunted me. She provided strategic advice and helped shape my career early on. Currently, I have regular sessions with Adam, our global learning coach. We have an hour-long weekly session every week where he provides useful insights into how I should conduct meetings, structure my sales process, pitch to clients, and more. Having that experienced sounding board is something I truly value.

What’s one thing you can’t go without in your workday?

People! I’m a people person. Interacting with others and building relationships is crucial, whether it’s clients, colleagues, or mentors. I can’t be productive without that human element.

Scarlett Oliver with fellow Evrercam colleagues at a construction event
Scarlett Oliver with fellow Evrercam colleague on site

Outside of work, what are you passionate about?

Fitness is a big part of my life. My favorite sport is skiing during the winter months with friends or family. 

Scarlett Oliver skiing
Scarlett Oliver skiing

I also love traveling. Last year, I spent two months in Africa, visiting nine countries, including Madagascar, Rwanda, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. It was incredible experiencing all the different cultures and natural beauty, especially in Madagascar. Asia is next on my list and down under as my family and friends live that way. 

A lioness captured by Scarlett Oliver during her travel
A zebra captured by Scarlett Oliver during her travel
A photo captured by Scarlett Oliver during her travel

How has your experience as a personal trainer influenced your career?

Helping others improve their wellness was incredibly rewarding. I started training at 16 and officially qualified by 18. I was helping such a diverse range of clients improve their physical and mental well-being. From training teenagers with disabilities to young adults around my age, to older and more frail clients in their 60s and 70s who wanted to get active – I got to build relationships with all kinds of people.

One client who stands out to me was a young boy with Down’s syndrome. Despite his disability, he was incredibly strong and determined. Seeing his positive changes, like walking in with a big smile after making progress towards his goals, was very fulfilling. Seeing someone happy because of something I have helped them with gives me a sense of achievement and this has transpired from my time as a personal trainer into my career in sales.

Scarlett Oliver during her fitness training

Are there any skills from the fitness industry that you’ve transferred to your current career?

Discipline and routine are the main skills. It’s helped me stay productive, especially when working from home, and keep a consistent approach to my work. The people skills I developed, like active listening, empathy, and motivating others. And that feeling of helping someone achieve their vision, whether fitness or business, is deeply satisfying. So those years as a trainer laid a strong foundation for my approach to client relationships now.

You’ve been involved in various campaigns like “Late Night Do it Right,”, “The Anti-Abuse Campaign,”, and “Find a Flatmate.” Which of these causes resonates most deeply with you on a personal level, and why?

The “Late Night Do it Right” campaign resonates most deeply with me. As the VP of Community and Welfare in 2014, I spearheaded this initiative to reduce student casualties in A&E during Freshers Week. Recognizing the challenges new students faced in navigating campus, especially at night, we focused on educating them about safe behavior while enjoying their social lives. The campaign promoted responsible alcohol consumption, zero tolerance for sexual harassment, and protection against drink spiking. We provided practical support, such as branded flip-flops for those in high heels and tin foil jackets for those feeling cold. Despite being some time ago, this campaign had a lasting impact, making nights out safer and more enjoyable for students.

The “Late Night Do it Right” campaign team - founded by Scarlett Oliver

Looking forward, what are your future goals and ambitions?

I see myself at Evercam for the long term, possibly even for the rest of my career. I believe Evercam is a fantastic company to work for, as they are ambitious, forward-thinking, and take care of their employees. I’m deeply passionate about the company, our AI product roadmap, and especially the people I work with, including my clients. In terms of personal goals, I aim to excel in my sales career, own my own home one day, and obtain my motorbike license for more adventures. I also have a strong desire to travel, with Asia and Australia next on my list. However, I consider myself a free spirit and am always happy to go where the wind blows.