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Advanced Progress Tracking at Sparrows Point Park Construction

MCN Build is building the remarkable  Sparrows Point Park and Recreation Center in Edgemere, Maryland. This project includes a 16,000 SF community centre, a synthetic turf field, walking paths, a dock, a playground, parking areas, stormwater facilities and essential utilities. 

The site,  formerly a shipyard, required extensive soil remediation before construction could begin. Crews have removed two feet of contaminated topsoil. This highlights the challenges and the importance of revitalizing this area for the community.

MCN Build’s Strategy for Staying on Schedule?

To ensure transparency and keep the project on schedule, MCN Build is using the Evercam platform for real-time progress tracking. The Construction Visibility platform provides stakeholders with live views of the construction site cameras via shareable links. 

The project superintendent used Evercam’s Time-Lapse Creator (TLC) to produce daily time-lapse videos, document site progress, and provide daily updates to stakeholders, always keeping everyone in the loop.

Sparrows Point Park Render

What Makes MCN Build’s Progress Management Effective?

  • Progress Tracking and Documentation:  The continuous live-view cameras provide real-time site visibility and project documentation. On-site project managers relied on the Evercam app to monitor and report project progress.
  • Logistics Management and Security: Due to the intense logistic activities from the extensive replacement of contaminated soil heaps, MCN Build has used the Evercam Gate monitoring system to improve traffic management. The installation of ANPR cameras allowed managers to automatically capture vehicle license plates and monitor all entering and exiting site activities. This eliminated the need for manual tracking.
  • Time-Lapse Progress Updates: The professionally edited time-lapse videos were provided monthly to keep investors informed, ensuring transparency and stakeholder satisfaction.

Using Evercam’s Construction Visibility Platform, MCN Build kept everyone in the loop and ensured everything stayed on track. This level of transparency and efficiency made the construction process smoother. It also highlighted the importance of creating spaces that truly benefit the community.

Take a look at the construction progress from November 2023 to April 2024. 

Sparrows Point Park Evercam Compare

Sparrows Point Park and Recreation Center is a great example of how smart, well-managed projects can bring new life to an area. It builds a stronger sense of community and improves the quality of life for everyone around.