Faith Tangara
Evercam’s Reality Capture Maximises Safety and Efficiency in SMART Lab Development in Singapore

Evercam’s Reality Capture Maximises Safety and Efficiency in SMART Lab Development in Singapore

Evercam’s implementation of its reality capture solutions has played an integral role in a cutting-edge Manufacturing Automation & Robotic Transformation (SMART) laboratory, packaging development lab, and office project in Singapore. Undertaken by a Fortune 500 company specialising in agricultural science and technology, the incorporation of Evercam has transformed the strategies related to safety protocols, inter-team communication, and overall project administration.

Given the pressing challenge of limited space in the project, a thoughtful strategy was employed. The team strategically installed construction cameras across the site to overcome this constraint. As a result of this setup, the team gained the advantage of real-time visibility and monitoring capabilities, which substantially improved the adherence to safety protocols and effectively managed incident resolution. Consequently, the strategic placement of the cameras not only addressed the spatial limitation but also enriched safety management processes.

  • The integration of Evercam’s reality capture technology was a game-changer for our SMART Lab project. It revolutionised the way we approached safety, communication, and project monitoring. The enhanced visibility and real-time monitoring capabilities empowered us to prevent incidents and promptly resolve potential issues, leading to improved safety outcomes. Evercam has become an invaluable asset in our construction endeavours, and we highly recommend it to any company looking to elevate their projects to the next level.

Moreover, the seamless integration of Evercam with the Procore project management software bolstered communication and collaboration across all project stakeholders. The shared access to project documents and an increase in monitoring capabilities resulted in substantial improvements in efficiency and productivity.

The quantifiable success of Evercam’s implementation is evident in key performance indicators. A marked decrease in safety incidents coupled with an increase in safety observations underscore the positive impact of Evercam’s reality capture solution. Financial metrics also demonstrate considerable cost savings arising from immediate issue detection and the prevention of expensive delays or reworks.