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Case Study: Resolving a Concrete Pour Dispute through Reality Capture Technology

Case Study: Resolving a Concrete Pour Dispute through Reality Capture Technology


Reality capture technology plays a crucial role in modern construction projects, seamlessly integrating into different stages of the concrete pouring workflow. This advanced tool offers real-time, unbiased documentation, ensuring precision and efficiency in construction processes.


Concrete pouring is a complex task with various factors influencing its success, including weather conditions, equipment arrangement, and adherence to quality standards. Disputes often arise regarding the concrete’s quality and whether it meets specified requirements. These disputes can lead to financial setbacks, delays, and a loss of trust among stakeholders.

Flowchart of quality control for concrete structure

Using reality capture technology as a solution

Reality capture technology has been integrated seamlessly into concrete pouring workflows to address these challenges. By employing drones to monitor site layouts and potential obstacles before pouring, real-time monitoring of weather conditions for precise timing, and construction cameras for quality control documentation during the pouring process, this technology provides an efficient and reliable solution. Furthermore, continuous monitoring during the curing stage, complemented by live-streaming options, enhances stakeholder engagement and allows for timely adjustments to maintain optimal curing conditions.


Two case studies exemplify the effectiveness of reality capture technology in resolving disputes and reinforcing trust in concrete pouring processes.

Case Study 1: Resolving Substandard Concrete Quality Dispute

In a past project, a dispute arose over alleged substandard concrete quality. Reality capture, including time-lapse videos, was employed to comprehensively review the construction process. The captured data aided in identifying potential sources of defects and provided crucial evidence for resolution. This approach prevented a potential project setback and ensured adherence to quality standards.

Case Study 2: Validating Concrete Pouring Best Practices

During a concrete pour on the 5th floor of a construction project, concerns were raised about the concrete’s quality. Reality capture technology, specifically Evercam’s platform, was employed to showcase adherence to industry best practices through real-time, step-by-step validation of the pouring process. This comprehensive documentation dispelled doubts, prevented potential financial setbacks, and reinforced trust in the project’s quality and compliance.



The integration of reality capture technology in concrete pouring workflows is a significant advancement for the construction industry. It not only enhances efficiency and precision but also serves as a vital tool for conflict prevention and resolution.

Through real-time documentation and stakeholder engagement, reality capture technology fosters transparency and cooperation, significantly impacting the construction industry’s future by reducing disputes and ensuring project success.