Following a competitive tender process, Siemens Energy Limited was awarded the contract for the engineering, procurement and construction of the new €50m Synchronous Compensator in Moneypoint Power Station. The synchronous condenser will incorporate the flywheel to provide high inertia to sustain grid frequency, reactive power for voltage control and short circuit capacity to strengthen the power grid as more renewables will be integrated to the power system. Siemens Energy will deliver this project as a turnkey in 2022 and will provide after sales maintenance services for ten years with remote diagnostics. This will be the first synchronous condenser with the world’s largest flywheel to be installed in the Irish power grid to compensate for the intermittent nature of renewable energy sources and to provide grid stability.

CGI of Siemens-Moneypoint. Courstesy: Engineers Ireland

Due to the intermittency of wind energy, in particular, grid stabilisation technologies have an increasingly important role in a successful energy transition. The Moneypoint Synchronous Compensator with flywheel comes in as a cost effective and zero carbon solution to strengthening the stability and resilience of the Irish grid. Siemens Energy provided an optimum technical and competitive solution for Moneypoint in its continuing key role in Ireland’s electricity system.

Solar-powered construction cameras have been installed on this site to monitor the progress of the projects and to capture time-lapse video footage for marketing purposes.

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