The Poultry Market building sits at the western end of the Smithfield market complex, east of Farringdon Road in central London. Smithfield Poultry Market was built in 1961–1963 to replace a Victorian market building that was destroyed by fire in 1958 in Smithfield, London. Its roof is said to be the world’s largest concrete shell structure and Europe’s largest transparent spanning dome roof.

After the City of London named leading regeneration specialist, ENGIE, to deliver a much-needed new roof, the Grade II listed Smithfield Poultry Market is expected to benefit from a £5.7 million renovation.

Smithfield Poultry Market CGI Image

The impressive structure, which was built in 1953, is currently in a state of disrepair, necessitating a major renovation. The market, which is open 24 hours a day, will remain open during construction, and work will include the construction of a working platform on the roof’s underside to provide secure access and protect the people below.

The original copper roof coverings will be removed and replaced with a new copper roof and insulation, as well as the existing 36 2.9m diameter rooflights with modern equivalents. The repaired roof would ensure the building’s survival for another seventy years.

Concrete repairs to the dome roof’s exterior perimeter, as well as a new entry and maintenance scheme, are among the additional tasks.

Camera view of the Smithfield Poultry Market roof
Camera view of the Smithfield Poultry Market roof

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