A much-anticipated renovation of the Civic Center Library in Oceanside, CA is on the horizon. The project is moving forward quickly and the demolition phase is now complete. Mere hours after the Oceanside Library’s $33.5 million bond passed by 54 per cent of the mail-in vote, administrators began brainstorming with architects and construction experts on how to proceed with the many projects that will be covered.

This project consists of the new 48,000 SF new Oceanside Library. Since the Library is located in a developed suburban region, maintaining parking and outdoor space is essential. By demolishing an existing one-story section of the building and creating a lower level, first floor, and second floor to match the existing levels of the structure’s remaining half, extra square footage was added.

The goal is to upgrade the library to a ‘smart library’. Sought-after spaces such as meeting rooms and soft seating areas are provided in a variety of sizes and configurations to provide a comfortable and welcoming space for all users. Spaces for adults, teens, and children are strategically located for ease of access, security, and sound control.

With one construction camera installed on site, there is the ease of communication with different stakeholders of the project. This camera is integrated with Procore which provides a centralised platform for accessing and reviewing progress on the project, the Procore integration provided on Evercam construction camera help improve communication and collaboration between stakeholders and ensures that all stakeholders are aware of the status of the project and any issues that may arise.

The Evercam camera’s Procore integration allows stakeholders to track progress against the project schedule, helping to identify any potential delays or deviations from the plan. This can allow for timely corrective action to be taken in order to keep the project on track.

Oceanside Library
Oceanside Library /HERALDT

Evercam’s time-lapse videos provided marketing materials for this construction project. the time-lapse videos can be used to showcase the project to potential customers or investors. This can include highlighting key features of the project or showcasing the finished product.

Time-lapse videos provide an engaging visual experience for viewers, which can be particularly used as a marketing asset that can be shared on social media or other marketing channels. This can help to promote the project to a wider audience and increase visibility.

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