The Bartra Group is one of Ireland’s most successful real estate developers. Their business includes healthcare, social housing, private housing, commercial real estate, shared housing, and renewable energy.

As a subsidiary company of Ireland’s most successful real estate developer Bartra Group of companies, Bartra Wealth Advisors is uniquely positioned as a developer who has successfully carried out many social housing and nursing home IIP projects.

One of the most interesting Bartra Group’s divisions, Bartra Healthcare is a group of premium quality nursing homes and transitional care units, each of which provides individualized care in a safe, friendly & comfortable environment where all of the needs of residents are met. 

Bartra Healthcare is on course to becoming the largest provider of quality healthcare in Ireland, delivering a nursing home portfolio with superior elder care facilities, designed to exceed Irish government standards. 

Clondalkin’s Bartra Healthcare fourth Nursing Home commenced construction in November 2020 and is located in the heart of historic Clondalkin village, Dublin 22. The development will have 146-bed, together with 14 single occupancy assisted living units. The 146 room €30m development will be completed in Q2 2022, delivering 120 construction roles in the interim.

CGI image of Bartra Clondalkin Nursing Home
CGI image of Bartra Clondalkin Nursing Home

As a developer, Bartra Wealth Advisors opted to use Evercam time-lapse cameras on the site to record and monitor the construction process. 

Swipe Left and Right to view the construction progress from October 2021 To December 2021:

Bartra Clondalkin Nursing Home construction progressBartra Clondalkin Nursing Home construction progress

Evercam construction cameras is delighted to work alongside Bartra providing transparency and efficiency from start to finish.