GDPR Compliance Statement


Evercam Limited is committed to meeting and upholding the requirements set out within the EU GDPR. All of our work is carried out with protecting the right to privacy of individuals as a priority.

Operating as data processors on behalf of our clients, we act at all times with the best interests of our clients in mind. We are happy to discuss any specific privacy-based requirements that our clients may have and will at all times strive to uphold the professional standards of both organisations.

We seek at all times to process all data in a compliant and transparent manner using a consent and risk based approach.

The principles which govern our approach to the EU GDPR include, but are not limited to the following:

Signage is erected at the entrance to all sites informing anyone entering the site that a camera is in use.

The signage is always clearly visible and easy to understand. Contact details for Evercam are included on all signage.

These contact details can be used by anyone who has concerns around the use of the camera or by persons wishing to submit a Data Subject Access Request as permitted under Article 15 of the EU GDPR.

Any Access Requests received by Evercam are fulfilled as a matter of urgency.

When a request is received, we will firstly notify our client in their role as Data Controller for the project in question. Once the validity of the request has been verified, the applicant will then be provided with any personally identifiable information pertaining to them within the one-month response period allowed for under the directive.

Any queries regarding our compliance that our clients may have can be directed to the account manager for your specific project. Queries will then be passed to the appropriate person within Evercam who will respond without delay.

As an organisation, we are continuously seeking to improve our procedures with regard to GDPR compliance and we will continue to work closely with our clients to achieve this shared goal.