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The Impact of Live Site Visibility on East London Forensic Centre Construction

The Impact of Live Site Visibility on East London Forensic Centre Construction

Project Overview 

Challenged by the limitations of outdated facilities, and health and structural concerns, Waltham Forest Council initiated the construction of a modern, purpose-built mortuary equipped with a PMCT scanner.  This facility is designed to provide unique services in Greater London, distinguishing it as the only purpose-built mortuary south of the Midlands that meets modern standards.

Objectives and Challenges

The Council needed an innovative solution to manage the complex construction process. Handling communication among multiple stakeholders effectively was also a key concern for this project. Considering these challenges the stakeholders decided to use Evercam’s platform to improve construction monitoring, ensure comprehensive site visibility, and streamline progress reporting.

Installing modular units at East London Project
Completed project of the East London Forensic Centre

Modern Site Monitoring and Reporting with Evercam

Before Evercam, site visits were frequent and required significant travel. The clerk of works and the senior project manager made trips of up to 100 miles. Evercam’s live site visibility and automatic daily progress photos via SnapMails changed this process. Remote monitoring significantly reduced the need for physical visits. This real-time capability was particularly helpful for team members in Essex and London. It saved substantial time and travel costs.

“The real-time monitoring capability of the camera system was particularly beneficial for team members who previously had to travel long distances. The use of the camera reduced the frequency of their visits, saving time and resources, while still keeping them well-informed about the project’s progress”

~Council Senior Project Manager

Improved Efficiency and Stakeholder Communication

Evercam’s platform significantly streamlined reporting and presentation preparation. The ability to create custom time-lapse videos reduced the project manager’s preparation time by three hours per presentation. This enhancement improved the effectiveness of stakeholder meetings.


Real-Time Visuals for Faster Decision-Making

During construction, the team faced a delay in drainage works. Evercam’s real-time monitoring allowed them to track progress and adjust schedules proactively. This kept the project on track and optimized resource use.

The drainage posed a concern for us due to a slight delay. However, we were able to monitor the situation before the delivery of the modular units, gaining insight into the current status and identifying where adjustments were needed within the next 10 days ~Ashana Jones Council Senior Project Manager

Construction work ongoing at Completed project of the East London Forensic captured by Evercam construction cameras

Return on Investment

The implementation of the Evercam system decreased the need for frequent site visits, saving both travel costs and time. Its capability to continue recording during power interruptions enhanced site security and aided law enforcement and insurance efforts, resulting in the recovery of stolen goods. Additionally, the system introduced efficiencies that saved the project team three hours per presentation, enhancing the quality and impact of stakeholder meetings. Overall, the estimated ROI from these improvements is £70,000.

The East London Forensic Centre project exemplifies how advanced technology like Evercam platform can transform project management in the construction industry, enhancing efficiency, security, and stakeholder communication.