Drones in Construction

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How to Use Drones to Streamline
Construction Management?

Use drones for your construction projects to enhance efficiency and safety in site inspections and project management.
Their aerial capabilities allow for detailed monitoring of construction progress and environmental impacts.

How Drones Assist Construction Managers

Monitor Every Inch of Your Job Site: Drones offer a bird’s-eye view of your entire jobsite, capturing every detail. This ensures all stockpiles, materials, and work phases are thoroughly documented and monitored.
Progress Monitoring: With regular drone flights, track your project’s progress in real-time. Identify delays, monitor milestones, and make timely adjustments, keeping your project on schedule with accurate, current reports.
Inspections from Any Height: These aerial views allow for thorough risk assessments, ensuring your site’s safety and compliance.

How Can You Use
Drone View??

Inspect with Ease: Zoom, pan, and rotate around the model to inspect progress from every angle.
Remote Management: Conduct remote measurements of distances, heights, and areas.
How does your actual progress stack up against the plan? Use BIM Compare for as-designed vs. onsite progress.
Easy Communication: Place annotations and tags directly on the model to highlight information for your team.

3D Reconstruction of
your Construction Site

If you have your own drone, simply share your site captures, and our platform makes it easy for you to inspect and monitor your construction progress securely. To ensure a seamless experience from start to finish, we also offer comprehensive services, including coordinating on-site mapping with our experts and uploading files into the platform.

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