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Voices of Evercam: Meet Tammy Bennett – Evercam Global Account Manager

Voices of Evercam: Meet Tammy Bennett – Evercam Global Account Manager

In a world that constantly blurs the lines between targets and client satisfaction, Tammy Bennett, our Global Account Manager walks us through her diverse career journey from Construction to the Arts and back to Construction with a tech twist. The conversation touches on balancing acts, the rapid growth of technology in construction, and the essential nature of customer relationships.

Being the 1st ever employee at Evercam, Tammy’s passionate portrayal of her company and its significance in today’s construction landscape, is a testament to the importance of constant evolution in both the construction and tech sector. She paints a vivid picture of an industry in flux, with its rapid changes and challenges, and emphasizes the need for agility and adaptability.

But it’s not all serious business. Her background in the arts and her musical family’s influence make her career even more fascinating. One of the highlights of the conversation is Tammy’s recall of an innovative solution to a client’s problem – where the team had to creatively mount a camera on construction equipment to capture a specific event.

It’s a prime example of the lengths they go to in order to solve problems and maintain client satisfaction. Tammy doesn’t fail to touch on a significant issue – the role of Women in Construction. Her candid account highlights the challenges and biases that exist, but she remains optimistic and sees a future where more women will step more into this arena.

Tammy Bennett and Vinnie Quin of Evercam

Here’s the Q&A from the conversation.

When did you begin your journey with Evercam, and could you share your background before joining the company?

I started about six and a half years ago as the first salesperson in Ireland when the co-founders decided to specialize and focus on the construction industry. I had not long moved home from London where I had been based for 15 years, 11 of those spent in construction. My career began in 2000 with a civil engineering and rail company working in HR & Payroll.

I transitioned into project work which was mostly site based and this was my true training ground in the industry. It was like learning a new language and I loved it. I moved into Project Procurement and worked as a Buyer working on some interesting projects like Wembley Stadium & London Aquatics. Eventually, I switched careers and retrained stepping back into the world of show business which had been familiar to me since childhood.

I taught Speech & Drama,  was a producer in many productions in theatre and film and even worked in India with an NGO as part of programmes in primary schools and Dharavi slums facilitating drama and performance workshops. But, I was inevitably drawn back to construction, and that’s when Evercam came into the picture. 

Tammy Bennett - Evercam Global Account Manager

How would you compare the two worlds of Construction and the Arts & Education, and with the progression in technology in construction, what challenges did you encounter, especially concerning women in the industry?

They’re more similar than you might think! Both industries are project-oriented and deadline-driven with a strong diversity of people, talents and trades working side by side. Patience, collaboration, strong leadership and group focus are required to take projects to their endpoint.

The similarities aren’t worlds apart, except for the costumes maybe! As for challenges, the construction industry has always been welcoming to women and has never been in dispute; however, recruitment and retention of women in the industry have remained a consistent challenge since I first started twenty-plus years ago..

The nature of construction is all-consuming and the work-life balance has really improved. I would encourage more women to consider a career in construction industry. Thankfully, technology, especially solutions like Evercam, has facilitated more effective communication for teams to hybrid between site, office and home.

International Women's day 2023 - Tammy Bennett represent Evercam as Women in Construction

Considering Evercam’s evolution from a localized focus to a more global vision and the tremendous changes in the tech industry, how does this fast-paced environment influence your sales strategy?

Tech changes super fast. What’s valid today can swiftly become obsolete, automated or redundant by tomorrow and this has had a significant impact on our sales strategy and product development at Evercam. Initially, our goal was to establish Evercam as the market leader in Ireland.

However, as our customer base expanded and technology evolved, we naturally broadened our global reach. Our product development is strongly influenced by our customers’ needs, and the rate of technological advancement has been truly remarkable.

Everything is always changing in the tech industry, and we believe in the motto, “Let’s change everything together.” To adapt, communication is crucial. Understanding the goals of each department within Evercam and what’s technically feasible is key. 

Our customers also play a crucial role in our technological growth. They allow us to test beta products on their sites and offer valuable suggestions for improvement. This collaborative approach enables us to keep up with an industry where today’s information can quickly become outdated, ensuring that we continue to deliver exceptional solutions to our clients.

Customer feedback is of utmost significance. When more than three customers express the same requirement or issue, it warrants a thorough investigation. Many of our successful products have been developed in response to the industry’s needs, with the aim of simplifying their tasks and workflows. 

Evercam employees in a construction site

In a past project, a Quantity Surveyor was trying to investigate the causes of rising costs and truck deliveries. In response to this challenge, we developed a feature Gate Report. This feature is designed to avoid disputes by providing users with the data they need to compare with their own reports, helping them eliminate overcharging and save money from additional costs acquired from disputes using a time-stamped log of all vehicles exiting and entering the site.

It also enhances throughput and traffic control by tracking material arrival and departure insights for project cost controls and using this data for future cost projections. This development was a direct result of our commitment to addressing our customers’ specific needs and challenges in the construction industry.

With Evercam operating globally, there might be scepticism about having cameras on construction sites and concerns about privacy. How does Evercam address such concerns and ensure cultural sensitivity when pitching to clients?

Evercam is fully compliant, we couldn’t do what we do without being so. Each project may have its own criteria around privacy, there will always be continued discussions around GDPR  and privacy in the camera world because it is part of what we do. We take measures to reassure clients, from privacy shields and redaction to GDPR-compliant protocols and documentation. Over time, our clients realize that our cameras are more of an aid than an intrusion.

When it comes to ensuring cultural sensitivity, research is paramount. We must understand the specific laws and cultural nuances of different countries in order to do business. Good communication and proactive problem-solving are also key. Offering expertise tailored to the client’s environment is essential. This approach allows us to address privacy concerns and cultural sensitivities effectively while providing valuable solutions to our clients.

Can you recall a particularly challenging situation or client and were there any unexpected uses of Evercam that a client proposed?  

One challenging situation that stands out is when Storm Ophelia hit Ireland. Our cameras had to remain online during extreme weather conditions, as many relied on Evercam to determine if they could resume work. Keeping the camera online during pivotal moments, like a significant construction milestone, is always a challenge. Communication and collaboration are vital in such instances.

As for unexpected uses, one of our clients commissioned Evercam to capture an aerial performance from a crane during a Culture night performance in Dublin, which was quite unique.  Another interesting request came from a client who needed to capture the video of a truss lift, and the only way to do it was by placing our camera equipment in a basket of a MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform) and setting up the view at ground level.

It was a unique and challenging situation, but we did it to solve the client’s problem, demonstrating the flexibility and adaptability of Evercam’s technology.

How do you stay abreast of evolving technology to ensure effective client pitches, and during your career, was there a moment that made you realize this is your calling?

Staying updated with evolving construction technology is crucial for effective client pitches both in and outside of Evercam. The most valuable resource we have is the feedback from our customers. Understanding their workflows and how Evercam integrates with existing site technologies is a key element towards providing best service.

I regularly attend conferences, webinars and construction networking events where possible and I visit the projects Networking and staying informed about industry trends also play a vital role in this. As for my career, every moment has held its own special significance.

As a women in construction industry, watching Evercam grow from 50 cameras to achieving significant milestones and continuous expansion has been truly amazing. The trajectory has always been upwards, and witnessing the dream of Evercam becoming the number one camera company in the world getting closer to reality every day is truly inspiring. It’s these moments that reaffirm that this is indeed my calling.

Women in Construction: Tammy Bennett and Erika Gomes - Evercam employees

In reflecting on Tammy’s career at Evercam, as a women in construction industry, it’s evident that the intersections of technology, construction, and personal passion can lead to profound industry advancements. Tammy’s unique trajectory from the arts back to construction, coupled with a technological lens, showcases the dynamic nature of career paths and the importance of adaptability in today’s fast-paced world.

Her anecdotes not only highlight the innovative spirit of Evercam but also emphasize the critical role of customer relationships and feedback in shaping the future of the construction-tech nexus. As the industry continues to evolve, the insights shared by Tammy underscore the importance of embracing change, championing diversity, and fostering a culture of continuous learning and collaboration.

Her story serves as a testament to the boundless possibilities that arise when dedication, innovation, and a commitment to client satisfaction converge.