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Voices of Evercam: Meet Jeffrey Deasy, Global Sales Director – Mission Critical

Voices of Evercam: Meet Jeffrey Deasy, Global Sales Director – Mission Critical

"The key to achieving this kind of growth is to be relentless. Always fighting for the customer and striving to deliver excellence."

From the hum of engines in the automotive world to the dynamic buzz of the construction industry, Jeff’s career journey is a story of adaptability and ambition. Now as the Global Sales Director of Mission Critical, Jeff reflects on how the global pandemic’s challenges pushed the industry toward remote visibility and management, offering him a way into construction. He has grown in construction, making strategic moves, and ultimately mastered managing the visibility of projects in the mission critical sector.

Jeff, can you tell us about your career journey?

Certainly! My career started in the motor trade. This was driven by my family’s mechanical passion in Aerospace and Engineering. I specialised in diagnostics and electronics. I later advanced to management in my early 20s, overseeing operations and sales at a busy south Dublin garage. Fueled by entrepreneurship, I founded a high-end vehicle business, later transitioning to security management, specialising in CCTV for new buildings. This led me through various industries, from security systems to audio-visual corporate communications, until I found my place at Evercam.

I started at Evercam in Irish business development, working closely with co-founder Vinnie to understand the business. Along the way, I found a great growth opportunity and identified the Mission Critical projects as an area that was worth dedicated focus. So I was offered the challenge of business unit lead, focusing on data centers, pharmaceuticals, and semiconductors. We built a specialised operations team and soon soon hit a big expansion in the European market in this niche, growing 10x in one year. Our success led me to the role of Global Sales Director, where I now work with Randall, our Chief Revenue Officer. My journey at Evercam has been fascinating and rewarding.

What’s the key to achieving such impressive growth?

Jeff Deasy at Construction Conference Event

The key to achieving this kind of growth is to be relentless. Always fighting for the customer and striving to deliver excellence. Building trust with clients and not letting them down is crucial. This has only been possible by having phenomenal teams across the company. This, coupled with word-of-mouth referrals and establishing a strong reputation in this challenging industry has resulted in our rapid growth.

What do you enjoy about working in construction?

I love the diversity of people within the construction industry. I get to build great relationships with people across different sectors within the industry, from electricians on the site to top-level executives. The variety of personalities and backgrounds in construction is fascinating, and I find it rewarding to not only work with such a wide spectrum of people but also learn from them. 

How do you manage multiple stakeholders in complex projects?

When it comes to handling such projects with lots of different people involved, our main rule is to always be there for our clients, no matter what time it is. If they need us at 11 PM for a project in the US, we’re on it. And if I don’t have the answer right away, I make sure to find someone on our team who does. This way, we make sure we never let our clients down. Over the years, we’ve built up a really strong operations team that’s great at dealing with mission critical projects and is trained to handle every detail and challenge, ensuring smooth coordination and support for all stakeholders involved.


How do you ensure all high standards and meet expectations in mission critical projects?

Understanding and adhering to regional legal and security requirements is key. We constantly educate ourselves on security laws and practices in different regions. Evercam is robustly built with encrypted data transmission and secure hardware, ensuring the highest standards of privacy and security. 

Jeff Deasy at Madrid Tech show

What were the main challenges when you started working with the construction industry?

I found the biggest challenge was developing the new abilities required for remote work and adapting to extensive travel. Formerly, my career had been built on in person relationships and local reach and I had to learn how to bring my skills/experience to build relationships and business remotely. This transition was a steep learning curve but allowed me to connect with a broader range of people globally and I’m glad to see the results of that effort.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned in your career?

The biggest lesson has been understanding the impact of a company culture driven by vision and unique leadership. Being part of Evercam’s growth and learning from visionary leaders and colleagues has been invaluable.

What are the key factors for project management success in mission critical projects?

Effective communication and real-time visibility are crucial. Avoiding mistakes and disputes through transparency and accountability is key. Our technology helps in spotting problems early and avoiding rework, which is critical given the high penalties for delays on these projects.

Jeff and Vinnie Evercam

What are the current challenges and trends in the construction industry, especially in mission critical projects?

One of the biggest challenges is the limited pool of skilled professionals for the increasing number of projects, especially in the data center and semiconductor sectors. The industry is also facing the need for rapid, efficient project completion to avoid hefty penalties for delays. Technologically, there’s a shift towards incorporating more advanced tools for real-time project monitoring and management to ensure efficiency and avoid costly mistakes.

Jeff Deasy with Vinnie showcasing Evercam solutions to a client

How do you balance your high work demands while maintaining a motivated team?

It’s about keeping a positive attitude and ensuring the team feels supported. We focus on making the best decisions possible quickly and continually moving forward. 

It’s important to avoid dwelling on problems and instead work towards solutions. Keeping the team spirit high, even during challenging times, is crucial.

Jeff Deasy of Evercam at recreation activity
Jeff Deasy of Evercam at recreation activity

 What’s next for you and Evercam in the coming years?

We plan to continue our expansion into new markets and further refine our technology to meet the evolving needs of our clients. We’re also looking at forming strategic partnerships to enhance our service offerings and exploring new technologies to stay ahead in the field.

Jeff Deasy and colleagues at a construction site

What’s been the most impactful moment in your career at Evercam?

Signing Evercam’s first seven-figure enterprise deal was a Eureka moment. It proved we were doing something right, especially when large American companies started choosing us over our established competitors.

What specific strategies have you implemented in Evercam for project success?

We’ve focused on building a robust operations team and improving our hardware to meet the specific needs of mission critical projects. This specialisation and dedication to understanding the unique requirements of our clients have been key to our success.

Jeff Deasy and colleague at a data center construction site

Finally, what do you find most rewarding about your work in the construction industry?

The most rewarding aspect is seeing the tangible results of our work – the successful completion of complex projects that have a real impact on society.

Being a part of creating something lasting and significant, like a major data center or a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, is incredibly fulfilling. It’s also rewarding to see how our technology and efforts help streamline the construction process, reduce errors, and ultimately lead to better outcomes for our clients. The sense of accomplishment and the knowledge that we are contributing to important developments in technology and infrastructure is what drives me and my team every day.

Jeff Deasy of Evercam at a data center construction site

Jeff’’s career is a testament to the power of passion, adaptability, and relentless learning. He’s a true inspiration, proving that with curiosity, determination, and foresight, you can not only navigate but also shape the future of an industry.