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Safety Week Spotlight: 5 Key Advantages of Construction Cameras and Reality Capture

Safety Week Spotlight: 5 Key Advantages of Construction Cameras and Reality Capture

Annually, companies lose billions due to workplace injuries and illnesses. A report by AFL-CIO on workplace fatalities stresses the pressing need for stringent health and safety practices, highlighting a growing trend in workplace deaths. This emerging pattern emphasises the crucial necessity of enhancing safety measures.

According to a report by MarketsandMarkets, the global computer vision market is expected to grow from $11.5 billion in 2019 to $19.1 billion by 2024, at a CAGR of 10.8%. At Evercam, we’re driving a safety-centric culture in construction. Our goal is to create innovative solutions that enhance efficiency and prioritise on-site personnel well-being. This post explores the industry’s persistent challenges and showcases how Evercam’s Reality Capture technology is pivotal in reducing risks and promoting a safer working environment.

For safety: Evercam screenshot on incident archiving
Evercam screenshot on incident archiving

Embracing Evercam’s Reality Capture for Health and Safety Surveillance:

1. Upgraded Risk Assessment

Evercam’s technology significantly transforms risk assessment in construction by enabling early hazard identification and mitigation to effectively safeguard workers. This is achieved through the ability to perform remote inspections via live feed images of activity on all job sites within a centralised dashboard. It also allows visual communication of safety violations and hazards with on-site staff through Evercam’s Edit Tool and integration with project management systems like Procore or Aconex.

The technology also facilitates sharing access with third-party consultants and safety personnel for inspections and job site hazard analysis. These capabilities bring several benefits, including proactive real-time risk identification, ensuring on-site teams adhere to safety protocols around the clock, preparing for Loss Control and OSHA inspections, and providing feedback while documenting actions taken to drive behavioural change through a continuous feedback loop.

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2. Enhanced Training and Education

In the construction industry, effectively conveying safety protocols and guidelines to the workforce is paramount. Evercam’s Cameras can be applied to various elements on a construction site, such as deep trenches or data cables buried underground, each with its own set of potential hazards. Traditional training methods might involve lengthy written documents or in-person briefings, which may not resonate with all employees. 

With our camera features, elements on site can be annotated with labels and explanations of potential dangers and safety procedures. For example, in the case of deep trenches, annotations can highlight collapse risks and proper shoring techniques. For data cables, annotations can detail the importance of safe excavation practices. This annotated imagery transforms training into a highly engaging and memorable experience, enabling workers to virtually explore these critical components and learn about safety measures, ultimately fostering a culture of safety awareness in the workplace.

For safety: image of construction site
Edit tool on Evercam Reality Capture

3. Expedited Incident Investigation

In the unfortunate event of an accident or incident on a construction site, the ability to gather and analyse evidence swiftly is critical to determining the cause and preventing future occurrences. Evercam’s Recordings streamlines this process by continuously capturing high-resolution images and videos of the site, which are stored in the cloud for an extended period. Consider a slip-and-fall incident on the construction site. With this technology, investigators have immediate access to extensive visual records of the site’s conditions. They can quickly review the footage to identify the cause, whether it’s a wet surface, inadequate signage, or equipment issues. This swift access accelerates the investigation process, aids in determining liability, and enables the implementation of corrective measures to prevent similar incidents in the future.

4. Compliance Verification

It is critical to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations in the construction industry, both for the safety of workers and the legal standing of the company. Evercam’s technology helps to monitor compliance with this essential requirement. This technology captures real-time images and video footage of the construction site. By analyzing these visuals, health and safety personnel can determine whether all workers are consistently wearing helmets as per safety regulations. This proactive approach ensures that safety standards are upheld, and corrective measures are promptly taken, such as reminding workers to wear helmets or enforcing strict compliance measures. The digital record from Construction Cameras ensures adherence to regulations, offering audit evidence and legal project integrity.

For safety, Incident verification can be done using Evercam
Incident verification can be done using Evercam

Evercam provides a multifaceted approach to enhancing safety, efficiency, and documentation.

  • Construction Camera technology promotes a safer work environment by enabling thorough risk assessments and formulating robust safety measures.
  • It also optimizes health and safety adherence, saving time and resources compared to traditional methods. This can lead to increased efficiency across construction projects.
  • Additionally, reality capture offers valuable documentation of site conditions at specific times. This is essential for incident investigations and for demonstrating compliance during audits or inspections.

The outcome is a significant improvement in safety, efficiency, and the availability of reliable documentation. This ultimately results in reduced accidents and decreased liability.

Contact us to learn how our Reality Capture technology can help you improve your health and safety approach in construction.