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Reality Capture: Streamlining Workflows and Elevating Outcomes in Construction

Reality Capture: Streamlining Workflows and Elevating Outcomes in Construction

In the world of construction, every project is a testament to the delicate balance of planning, communication, coordination, and execution. even the smallest oversight can lead to substantial delays and cost overruns. Recognising these challenges, Evercam is committed to providing solutions that not only streamline workflows with reality capture, but also facilitate site visualizations, and progress management, and enhance communication.

One of the key solutions we offer is Reality Capture, a technology that is transforming the way construction projects are managed and executed. Reality Capture involves capturing a digital representation of the physical world, which is then used to extract valuable information for design, construction, and operation purposes. our technology goes beyond just creating a digital twin of the construction site. It’s about harnessing the power of this digital information to drive efficiency, accuracy, and productivity in construction projects, and providing you with the tools to visualize progress and manage your site effectively.

The Impact of Poor Project Management

In the complex world of construction, poor project management can lead to significant financial and operational setbacks. One of the most critical issues that can arise from inadequate project management is legal disputes. According to a report by Arcadis, the global average for construction disputes in 2021 cost US$52.6 million and lasted an average of 15.4 months. Without a tool to accurately monitor and track progress on-site at every stage of your project, your organization leaves itself open to the risk of legal disputes, which can result in millions of dollars spent on settlements and legal fees.

chart of dispute value in construction
chart of regional disputes in construction

Another significant issue that arises from poor project management is costly errors and rework. rework can cause a delay of around 9.8% of the planned project time?  A lack of real time visualization of site activities can often lead to gaps in communication of what is happening on-site. Decisions are then made based on inaccurate or incomplete data.

Therefore, it is crucial to have a robust project management system in place, one that provides a clear, real-time view of the entire project, facilitating better decision-making and reducing the risk of costly errors and disputes.

Progress visualisation is powerful in mitigating these challenges. It involves the use of technology to visually track and monitor the progress of a construction project. This can be achieved through various means, including 3D modelling, drone imagery, and most notably, construction cameras.

Evercam’s Role in Streamlining Construction Workflows

Our high-resolution cameras, seamlessly integrated with a cloud-based platform, provide real-time site monitoring, progress tracking, and efficient communication among all stakeholders. Our reality capture technology serves as a pivotal tool in the construction process. It offers objective progress reporting, ensuring that every milestone is accurately documented and communicated. This technology also plays a crucial role in maintaining health and safety standards on site, providing a clear visual record of operations and enabling quick identification and resolution of potential hazards.

Disputes, often a common issue in construction projects, can be easily resolved with the evidence provided. The high-resolution footage serves as an indisputable record of events, helping to clarify disagreements and prevent costly legal proceedings. 

accident in construction site

Moreover, our solution offers protection against theft and vandalism, a concern that can lead to significant losses in construction projects. With round-the-clock monitoring and recording, any suspicious activity can be promptly detected and addressed, safeguarding your project’s resources and timeline.

By leveraging the data captured through our reality capture solution, we help you identify best practices, monitor subcontractors, and document changes to the scope of work. This comprehensive record of the project timeline allows for quick follow-up with stakeholders, reinforcing accountability and avoiding unnecessary costs.

gate report in construction site

The insights gained from the captured data can be used to benchmark progress, monitor resource usage against budget estimations, and improve overall operational efficiency. This leads to better project outcomes and greater cost savings.

Case Studies Showcase   

Evercam has been instrumental in helping various companies streamline their construction workflows with reality capture. Here are a few examples:

Sisk used Evercam’s cameras to reduce energy consumption on their Cherrywood development site. By comparing the recordings collected by our cameras with their energy meter reports, Sisk’s energy management team was able to identify an issue with the lighting controls and resolve it, preventing further energy waste.

construction view

Murphy Ireland used Evercam’s construction cameras to remotely monitor and document their projects. The live view and remote monitoring features allowed the project team to monitor progress and productivity even remotely. The BIM integration feature allowed users to overlay a BIM model with real-time, high-resolution images of what’s actually happening on the construction sites.

bim picture reality capture

During their construction process, DB Schenker utilized construction cameras for real-time monitoring, which allowed for prompt identification and resolution of issues, thereby reducing the risk of project delays. The AI-enhanced cameras also transformed their approach to monitoring the carbon footprint on the construction site. The Gate Report feature provided comprehensive control over vehicle activity, aiding in the reduction of emissions, fuel consumption, and noise pollution. This not only ensured regulatory compliance but also facilitated real-time progress tracking, contributing to their sustainability goals and a greener environment.

gate report with evercam reality capture

By understanding the financial impact of poor project management and leveraging the power of progress visualization, we can make significant strides in improving site management. With Evercam’s construction cameras and cloud-based platform, you have the tools you need to monitor progress, make informed decisions, and ensure the successful completion of your construction projects.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Evercam can help streamline workflows with reality capture in your construction progress management, feel free to reach out to us. We’re here to help you turn your construction story into a success story.