New Evercam X-Ray Feature

There is a new icon on the Recordings tab… Simply drag and drop to compare images from any point in time… Login to try it now!

Evercam Stories & Project of the Month – July 2019

Project of the Month Holiday Inn Express Bicester, England Work has officially commenced on Holiday Inn Express Bicester Gateway. The new 149-bedroom hotel will be situated in Bicester Gateway, a new business park in […]

Intertrade Ireland interview Evercam about the Elevate Program – starring our new office paint job.

Many thanks to Intertrade Ireland and the team at  Carl Best DOP ( for preparing this beautiful video. The support we received was from the Elevate program which gave us our first […]

A busy day @ Digital Construction 2019

Here Tammy & Vinnie discuss the future of construction technology with Minister Patrick O’Donovan  at Patrick O’Donovan Digital Construction 2019 Overall, it was a busy day at the Evercam stand, thanks […]

360 Virtual Tour for Construction Projects – Newsletter April 2019

360 Virtual Tour for Construction Projects We are excited to introduce a newly available tool that utilises 360 degrees cameras within Evercam. The feature allows our customers to experience complete 360 degrees tours of […]

CitA Technology Trend Event – Timelapse, Drones & 360 Feb 2019

CitA Technology Trend Event took place on 20th February at Bank of Ireland Workbench. Site Photography Innovation & Compliance: Timelapse, Drones & 360 was the theme for the event. Our director […]

Evercam is now on WeChat … China here we come :)

After a pretty time-consuming ordeal, we now have an official WeChat Channel for Evercam. Many thanks to 3141 for your patient help in the matter, you were wonderful. Here’s our […]

Using Evercam Images in the Construction Progress Report

Many thanks to St. Columbas for showing how a monthly status report is brought to life with images from Evercam. Of course, they’re also regularly sharing Time-lapse Videos and Before & After Animations to […]

Northern Ireland Construction Expo 2019

The Northern Ireland Construction Conference & Expo was held in the Titanic Exhibition Centre, Belfast on 13th of February 2019. The purpose of the event is simple — Bring together […]

Solar & Wind Powered Mobile Mast for Time-lapse CCTV

Evercam now offers mobile off-grid (solar & wind powered) installations. This 16m mobile CCTV tower is powered by two solar panels and a wind turbine, enough to power a 25x […]

Solar & Wind Powered Mobile Mast for Time-lapse CCTV

Evercam now offers mobile off-grid (solar & wind powered) installations. This 16m mobile CCTV tower is powered by two solar panels and a wind turbine, enough to power a 25x […]

Timelapse Video Without Timestamp Overlay

By default Evercam automatically add date and time to the footage that is being recorded. We know the timestamp is a great feature as regards project management and health and safety department. […]

Update: Day 1 trying out new h/w at Intel Talentgarden

Work has started at Talent Garden Dublin, the home to Intel’s new AI for computer vision incubator programme – Intel Edge-AI Incubator. Ilyas is looking good @ Intel Incubator 🙂

Intel Edge-AI Incubator & Evercam

Talent Garden Dublin is the home to Intel’s new AI for computer vision incubator programme – Intel Edge-AI Incubator. Furthermore, the good news is that Evercam has been given spaces in Talent Garden Dublin for […]

Litterbug Presentation at Smart Dublin Smart Solutions

The SBIR programme, in partnership with Enterprise Ireland, develops exciting new solutions to tackle regional challenges across Dublin. On Thursday, Nov 22,  the Phase 2 @SBIRIreland Presentations took place at the Dublin City Council Atrium. […]

Evercam at CitA Tech Live

CitA Tech Live took place on November 8th & 9th at Croke Park, Dublin. #CitATechLive is organised by the Construction IT Alliance (CitA). CitA promotes and supports the best use of technology […]

Irish Construction Safety Week 2018

The CIF Safety Week campaign was a huge success again this year, the week aims to reduce accidents and fatalities in the construction industry by highlighting how quickly and easily something can […]

Team Evercam at Run in the Dark Dublin

Well done to our team that braved the elements last night at the #RunintheDarkDublin 2018! Every November, as darkness sweeps the globe, thousands of people from over 50 cities pull on their […]

Why We Love Time-lapse (And You Should, Too!)

When you hear the words “timelapse” or “timelapse cameras”, what do you think of? Maybe you think of a time-lapse video of a flower blooming that you saw on Twitter […]

Combine Your BIM Model With The Real Building at Any Time

BIM time-lapse integration – Combine your BIM Model with real life Evercam’s Building Information Modelling time-lapse integration overlays your BIM Model with the real life, high-resolution photographs of the structure. […]

We’re Talking Digital Construction at Annual CIF Conference

The 2018 Annual CIF Conference happened on 2nd October in the Croke Park, Dublin. As the voice of the Irish construction industry, the CIF’s annual conference is the industry’s flagship event. The conference attracted […]

Evercam Construction Cameras vs CCTV Cameras

If you are working on a construction project, you probably have a CCTV camera system set up at the site or are planning to set one up. Security at a […]

Marketing & Construction Cameras Webinar

Watch the Evercam Marketing & Construction Cameras webinar to discover how to use on-site construction cameras to effectively promote your work. Vinnie Quinn shares tools and strategies that businesses can leverage to more […]

Lottie Loves Evercam Construction Cameras

…so much that she needs to dance about it! Lottie is versatile, well-travelled, and ambitious. She attends school, rides horses, canoes, and has travelled up to the International Space Station where […]

How to Solve the Housing Crisis

The housing crisis is a problem worldwide, but with the help of some good engineering, we can build houses that are actually cost-efficient and affordable. Found out more about in […]

Project Updates & Marketing and Construction Cameras Webinar – Jun 2018

A new job in the UK! Big News! Although we have worked on various projects in the United Kingdom, we are excited to share our first published work with Sunningdale House Developments Ltd. If […]

Webinar: The Use of Cameras in Construction

Watch our first webinar on Construction Cameras May to see how site cameras can benefit from the use of them, Vinnie Quinn shares his strategies for display construction projects and […]

Evercam at the National Construction Summit 2018

The 4th Annual National Construction Summit happened on 2nd May in the Citywest, Dublin. The purpose of the National Construction Summit is simple — Bring together over 2000 construction companies in order to […]

Evercam Stories & Construction Cameras webinar – Newsletter May 2018

Here’s a quick update on some of the projects we’ve worked on in the last few months. Plaza 211 – Blanchardstown Corporate Park A beautiful new office being constructed by Channor within […]

Getting the Most out of Construction Site CCTV cameras

When most people see CCTV cameras, the first thing they think of is security, but with the right tools in the hands of the right people, there’s so much more […]