Tunstall emergency response using Evercam

Operator View On the left hand monitor we see the Tunstall operator’s screen in its idle state – waiting for a call. When a call is identified, either inbound or […]

Weighbridge CCTV Integration using Evercam

The farmer’s grain is collected by the contractor and delivered to the merchant. Using our API, Herbst Insight easily integrates the images from the Weighbridge camera into the document: The […]

All Programming is Web Programming – Evercam.js v1.0 is live !

Maybe Jeff Atwood is right? All Programming is Web Programming? While we started out with Node.JS, Java and Python libraries, most of the popular use cases seem to be for our […]

Parnell Square Cultural & Technical Quarter

As Dublin City Council (one of our customers) likes to point out (at around 0:55)“Parnell Sq. is already home to institutions of national and international significance housed in magnificent period […]

The beauty of JPEGs

One thing that every camera can produce is a JPEG. Most do more, H264, MJPEG, MPEG4, various audio codecs etc. but in this uncertain world, it seems we can always […]

It’s a Wrap(per) ! – Node.JS and Java wrappers for Evercam released

There are few things in life that make me as happy as new features going live. Today we had three of them, the first three wrappers for the Evercam API […]

Calling all 7yr olds – A CEO builds a website.

Sometimes I’m in meetings and I am referred to as “the technical guy”.  More often, especially recently, I excuse myself as “I’m not the technical guy”. Here it is: back […]

Shiny API People …. Come along on Wednesday 29th January to The Ierne Ballroom

We’ll be hosting an event to discuss all things API related on Wednesday 29th in The Ierne Ballrom, Dublin 1.See the Meetup page here:http://www.meetup.com/API-Dublin/

Our first app is on the way … just as soon as we’ve ploughed this field.

While working on our first app – The Timelapser – we managed to catch some nice footage of a field being ploughed in Wicklow. Every dream starts somewhere, and right […]