Testing out the Panonocam with Martin Dunne @ Evercam HQ

Out on the street … Thanks for calling in Martin.

Evercam at the National Construction Summit 2017

Had a great day at the Evercam Construction Summit 2017 in the RDS. Here’s Susan parading her wares and explaining the benefits of time-lapse to the filmcrew: … and here’s […]

Evercam Office Renovation

Evercam offices currently resides at what used to be the location of The Waxie Dargle Pub. About a year after moving into our new offices, take a look.

Evercam Van With Discrete Drone Docking Station

By now, you might have noticed the Evercam van in its new colours around town: But what you’ll never see from street level is our new drone transport system, visible […]

PhD Research Position: AI, Storage, Analytics, Distributed Systems.

Evercam is planning on taking advantage of a new scheme whereby an overseas PhD level candidate is supported to work together with an Irish research institution to work on R&D […]

3 Building Timelapses from around Ireland

NB: Evercam does not take credit for these time-lapses, these are public on Youtube and are credited on the original videos. We’ve selected them to show a range of quality […]

5 considerations for your building project time-lapse

The Sun This isn’t such a big issue in Ireland, but it still needs consideration. A vantage point which has the camera facing north will produce much clearer and better […]

Which camera to use for a timelapse ?

This used to be a pretty easy question, there was really only one choice, a Canon DSLR which had a special feature to take photographs at regular intervals. The camera […]

Before and after … on some of our favourite projects

Stafford Bonded Warehousing – Waterford Distillery Cairn Homes Marianella Knockrabo Irish Life Mall Irish Life Plaza Bolands Mills Arup Bolands Mills Arup GPO Cluid Housing National Indoor Arena ennett Hannover […]

How Timelapse & live cameras help more than just the construction marketing team

This article has been cross-posted on the Construction Industry Federation website. Over the last few years, it has become standard practice to add a timelapse camera to any medium to large construction […]

Time Lapse, Timelapse, or Time-Lapse …. let’s settle this.

First, let’s ask Google, is it Timelapse, Time-lapse or Time lapse ? Google Trends for Timelapse Time-lapse or time lapase

How to Win Your Next Construction Project Using Time Lapse Video

Construction Time Lapse Video In today’s world of winning bids, it’s not just about having the lowest price although it does help. It’s also about having a high quality score. […]

Google Timelapse via Satellite

And there was us thinking we were clever with our 4k PTZ roof-mounted cameras. Google has gone one better, watch Dubai take shape over 30 years

iOS Update 1.0.8 now with smooth streaming HLS video.

Today’s release 1.0.8, of our iOS app is out today. The major new feature is streaming video using HLS Beautiful.

Construction Timelapses underway in Dublin

Project: Dorset Point, Student AccommodationDeveloper: 360 Developments Contractor: Bennett Construction Project: Binary Hub, Bonham StDeveloper: 360 Developments Contractor: Bennett ConstructionArchitect: O’Mahony Pike Project: National Indoor ArenaDeveloper: Buckingham Group & Heron Brothers JV […]

A pub, a dog and a cat …

It’s been a busy few months, here are some highlights …. We’ve moved offices – to The Waxie Dargle Pub … (currently being refurbished) We’ve installed a new security guard: Charlie […]

Camera Fragmentation – Hall of Fame

I was prompted to write this today when we came across a new feature on a camera whereby we’re forced to send 2 requests in order to get a snapshot. […]

PTZ functionality goes live in time for FunctionalKats 2015 Dublin

KatsConf 2015 is on tomorrow in Dublin and at 11:30 there’ll be a talk from Jose Garcia-Sacristan with insights into how he made it possible using the Phoenix Framework. Nicely implemented on the dashboard […]

Evercam Play for iOS

Our iOS app – Evercam Play is now ready for downloading on the App Store, it’s available on iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/6/6s and iPad: Features: Supports a huge range of different camera […]

Try to teach the Germans something and they end up teaching you …

Vinnie and I went to CeBIT 2015 @ the Code-n stand this year full of enthusiasm to teach the Industry 4.0 enthusiasts how cameras could be integrated with IoT and […]

ElixirConfEU 2105 – An adventure in 3D printing

I had the good fortune of sharing a hotel with Hans Robeers who is working on a very cool Surf Fin Modelling tool, whose webservice is written in Elixir. Over a few beers […]

ElixirConfEU 2015 – Milos explains the benefits of Evercam moving to Elixir / Phoenix

Milos explaned some of the benefits of our move to Elixir, namely: Vastly improved performance, handling several hundred cameras per m1 AWS instance versus <100 per instance. Auto-recovery at the […]

Evercam Goes Open Source

Evercam is a commercial software company. We’ve decided to open source all of our code because we believe it is the best way to achieve our goal: To build the […]

What is Camera Management Software?

I’ve been working with IP cameras for nearly 5 years. From the early delight at getting a jpeg to refresh on a web page to the large scale cloud CCTV […]

CCTV & Your Privacy

You have more control over the images stored on a public CCTV system than you do over those on your phone. When you take a selfie, it’s probably syncing to […]

Cameras are the black sheep of IoT

Cameras are a little bit different to other IoT devices. Here’s why. Eyeballs v Algorithms With CCTV cameras, the output is images. Don’t bother trying to get data from them, […]

Seeing is believing – Thank you Robochop – CCTV meets Industry 4.0

We spend a lot of time talking about the power of the image and how it is starting to be used more in manufacturing. At our visit to CeBIT last […]

Evercam Public Cameras – A Redesign

The Objective Improve the on-boarding process and user experience by enabling potential and current Evercam users to explore, preview and add public cameras to their account. Overview Any camera added to Evercam […]

Eyes of Things – Evercam part of H2020 research project

Evercam are now part a new H2020 research project for a new generation of low powered embedded computer vision platform. We’re delighted to be part of the Eyes of Things consortium led […]

Live stream from Belvedere College Sleepout 2014

Every year boys from fifth and sixth year of Belvedere College spend 48 hours on O’Connell St raising money for the homeless, including 24 hours fasting. You can watch it live here, […]