MicksGarage.com on the WOW factor of adding images to their supply chain.

MicksGarage.com on the WOW factor of adding images to their supply chain.

Today we visited Mick Crean, CEO of www.micksgarage.com

Mick’s Garage (www.micksgarage.com) are one of the largest online distributors of car parts delivering to over 70 countries. Last year, as an experiment, they included a live image of each parcel as it was being shipped to their customer.

This is the story of the impact it had on their business.

“Overnight we saw the number of customer complaint calls collapse. We also believe it had a positive impact on the care and attention paid by our workforce on the packaging line.”

Immediately the cost overheads were reduced and customer satisfaction was increased.

“A secondary benefit came from what we call “The WOW factor” … customers started posting online about how delighted they were to see the actual picture of the parcel before it got to them. This was new to them and it emphasised the association of MIck’s Garage with technology, innovation, and automation.”

Instant retrieval of these images had other unexpected benefits too:

 “Despite working with the best delivery companies, sometimes packages go missing. By being able to provide pictures of each parcel it was easier for them to find and recover lost items.”

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