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How to use Evercam for Marketing

How to use Evercam for Marketing

Evercam January Newsletter Update

With Evercam it is much easier to build brand exposure throughout your projects journey. 

Gathering content to market your project can be difficult. By using Evercam you can create content easily yourself, or work with our video editing team to develop something special to show off your project. 

Bishop’s Square Project – Stewart Construction

Additional clips or stills from the camera for Marketing or Social Media are easy to make from within your Evercam account.

There are 3 features that clients really love using to showcase their hard work.

  • Recordings:  Go back to see what action you missed
  • Compare: Before & After clips and animated gifs
  • Edit tool: Click, Highlight & Send.

Get in touch if you have any questions or would like an online demo of the Evercam features. 

Projects of the Month 

Preston Barracks – Student Accommodation

Preston Barracks is a large-scale student accommodation development located on the primary campus of the University of Brighton.

Once constructed it will provide 555 beds and extensive communal areas with 1,500 sq ft of retail space.

Check out the time-lapse showing the construction progress. 

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

St Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin is facing its biggest renovation challenge for more than 150 years. An €9.2m project to replace the building’s roof started later last year.

The work involves removing the existing slates and reinstating a new slated roof finish.

Take a look at this crane installation time-lapse.