How Timelapse & Live Cameras Help More Than Just the Construction Marketing Team

How Timelapse & Live Cameras Help More Than Just the Construction Marketing Team

This article has been cross-posted on the Construction Industry Federation website.

Over the last few years, it has become standard practice to add a timelapse camera to any medium to large construction project. These cameras provide not just a fascinating collage of how a building comes together, but also a valuable record of the building process itself.

Evercam has built a solution for the construction industry that takes this a step further with the addition of a live & recorded view, available in real time to any mobile phone. Suddenly, the timelapse camera becomes an invaluable collaboration tool for everyone involved in a project.

The beauty of a timelapse camera is that it is positioned with the best overview of a building site, often from a neighbouring tall structure from where one can capture all of the activity at a single glance.

The familiar adage, a picture tells a thousand words, has never been more true.

With this information in their pocket, project managers, subcontractors, head office, health & safety officers, quantity surveyors and multiple other key stakeholders have detailed timesaving information at their fingertips. Misunderstandings are avoided, trust is increased and disputes can be resolved faster and more effectively.

Evercam has taken the best of traditional timelapse photography skills and married it with the needs of the modern building site. Our system captures, in high resolution, the entire history of the building project from breaking ground to handover.

We’ve built unique tools for the construction industry such as Snapmail that capture key stages in a project and send them directly by email to those who need it most. This is a great way of keeping the people in head office and those on site on the same page, directly in their inbox.

While Evercam has worked to perfect the software and technology platform for effective construction cameras, we’ve partnered with the best and most established construction photographers and videographers in the industry, Susan Kennedy from Lensmen & the Irish Photo Archive .  Susan’s team take the raw footage and create professionally produced, marketing ready material. We can also provide on-site videography, photography and drone-videography, such as used in this video made for the Boland’s Mills development.

Evercam currently has over 50 live construction cameras recording projects around Ireland and have plans to more than double that in 2017. This time, the revolution surely will be televised.

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