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Evercam January Newsletter Update

Evercam January Newsletter Update

We’ve been Shortlisted! ICE Awards 2020

We were nominated for Best Construction Product Innovation – Digital at the Irish Construction Industry Awards (ICE) 2020.

One of our key messages is that we try to be creative and challenge our customers to think digital.

We have been at the forefront of working with clients to develop novel ideas such as overlaying 4D BIM models on top of time-lapses for an AR experience.

Our cutting edge technology uses machine learning and AI to improve efficiency on your building site. 

Project of the Month

The development of a new 4-star Intercontinental Hotel Group hotel is underway in North Dublin. This development consists of a 10 story 421-bedroom hotel located within 1km of Dublin Airport.

Check out the time-lapse showing the construction progress.

Intercontinental Hotel Dublin Airport

Enterprise Ireland

Cameras extract useful, actionable data for project managers, contractors and engineers and generate valuable reports about activity and progress.

“Construction is high value so when things go wrong, it’s expensive. We’ve become that single source of truth.” 

Read about how we grew our business with the support of Enterprise Ireland.

Become a Partner

Have sites in the UK?  Evercam can now be installed by our Channel Partners across the UK

You could use your existing CCTV supplier, or one of our Channel Partners, including The Protector Group, Tag Systems and Permanex.

Evercam for Construction Project Management offers:
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