Faith Tangara
Content Writer
Real-Time Site Updates with Evercam and Autodesk Integration

Real-Time Site Updates with Evercam and Autodesk Integration

We’re excited to announce Autodesk is now integrated with Evercam, a significant step forward in construction management. This integration streamlines processes, improves project visualization, and fosters better collaboration of projects. 

Integration Workflow

The goal of the Autodesk integration is to create a better workflow by combining visual monitoring with detailed project insights from the site making the construction environment safer and more productive by allowing users to:   

  • Direct Image Transfer: Users can now upload images with annotations or adjustments from the construction site to their Autodesk 360 accounts. 
  • Embedded Evercam Live View in Autodesk: Autodesk’s Insight Dashboard now includes Evercam’s Live View, providing immediate access to real-time visual data from construction sites.
  • Access Full Range of Evercam Features within Autodesk: Within the Autodesk interface, users can now access Evercam’s features: Live View, X-Ray, BIM Compare, and Gate Report.
  • Progress Photo Automation: Scheduled snapshots from Evercam to your BIM 360 account.

Designed to be simple to access and use, and with an intuitive interface after a few clicks the integration of Evercam and Autodesk it’s ready to explore. We are proud of opening new possibilities for the way construction projects are managed and making an impact in industry progress. 

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