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ElixirConfEU 2105 – An adventure in 3D printing

ElixirConfEU 2105 – An adventure in 3D printing

I had the good fortune of sharing a hotel with Hans Robeers who is working on a very cool Surf Fin Modelling tool, whose webservice is written in Elixir. Over a few beers we decided to model the Elixir Logo

using his software:

Job nicely done … the logo now existed as a beautiful 3D STL model. Download it here.

Obviously we had to find a 3D printer and get it done before Hans’ lightning talk at 5pm the next day.

A bit of a search on Google, knocking on the wrong doors, some helpful strangers, nice wall art:

…  and finally I got to meet Kamil and his team at Summer Agency

Kamil did the importing:

Loaded some suspicious white powder into his new machine:

Gave it a pat on the head:

… and Bingo !

With still time for a coffee:

Before presenting to Jose Valim and Jim Freeze. 🙂

Here’s the presentation in full.