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Construction Camera BIM Integration – Why you need this technology for your next project

Construction Camera BIM Integration – Why you need this technology for your next project

Construction cameras are continuously becoming an important reality capture source on job sites in recent years. Not only are such cameras now needed for time-lapse videos and project management but the innovative BIM integration feature is now being used to verify that projects are on schedule by comparing real-time footage vs the proposed design.

Evercam Construction Camera software integrates with BIM enabling users to overlay 3D renderings over construction camera images to compare the planned & actual construction status. Different project stakeholders can benefit from this feature by superimposing the BIM model and being able to follow through with the progress of each milestone. 


  1. All in one platform:

Integrating a BIM model within Evercam provides real-time video & virtual models that are synchronized in an all-in-one visualization. This provides real-time visibility for all project team members involved, indisputable progress data, and better alignment amongst stakeholders throughout the life cycle of the project. 

  1. Progress Verification:

With BIM integration, users can identify whether the project is being built on time or off the critical path schedule. The stakeholders can identify the milestones achieved or delayed versus the actual progress. By combining this visualization with Evercam’s project management features and full video recording, it is possible to also tell the reason behind progress delays e.g weather delays. 

  1. Cost Saving:

Companies that integrate BIM on cameras cut their expenditure price points by saving money on BIM licenses. 3D modeling platform user licenses are expensive. However, Evercam users have unlimited user access to the BIM feature and more people can view the BIM model and can reference live view footage compared to the number of users that BIM would allow at one given time. Allowing more of the project team to share and interact with a BIM model than before.

  1. Visual Update:

The integration allows users to switch between the BIM model and as-built progress. With this, team members can track progress and communicate progress and any change orders. 

  1. Reduced Site Visits:

BIM integration on construction cameras bridges the gap between what is designed at the office and what is built on site. The integration feature gives everyone a clear update of the status of the project at any point in time. With the stakeholders being kept informed, site visits are greatly reduced. 

  1. Win more business:

Construction companies can win more business from clients by utilizing the BIM model to showcase project progress and by providing a timeline of completed works.

BAM NCH Project Screenshot
BIM model integrated with Evercam’s timelapse cameras

With the above reasons, some of the project team members that benefit from the BIM feature extensively include:

  • Project Managers and Superintendents:  With the visual update from the BIM feature, it is easier for project managers and superintendents to compare the BIM schedule to the live view than reading a Project Schedule and comparing it to the live view. 
  • BIM Engineers: Since the BIM model can be overlaid over the actual project and check on the progress, BIM engineers utilize this tool to ensure that construction is executed as per the design. BIM engineers also ensure that BIM guidelines are respected throughout construction.
  • Quantity Surveyors: To achieve optimum prices for each element of the project, the quantity surveyor can also overlay the BIM model over the ongoing project and carry out valuation for the works done versus the work yet to be completed. This enables the QS to advise on costs and/ or predict future expenditures. 
  • Bid Managers/ Contractors – They use this feature to show they have been on or ahead of the schedule. They can also use this to explain any reasons for delays in case the need arises. 
  • Chief Information Officer A CIO uses this feature to manage and showcase the formulating changes in the BIM Digital twin to enhance communications of actual vs planned vs changes with the project.

We believe the integration of 4D models and reality capture will enable lean construction practices and more productive construction sites, along with better asset management. We know this future of construction practices and are excited to be part of the changing landscape. 

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