Construction Site ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)

ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) gives construction cameras the ability to read vehicle number plates.

Now available in Evercam, ANPR is an essential tool that provides safety and control over your project.

This is the construction Site of National Children's Hospital
The National Children’s Hospital Construction Site


We all know construction sites are busy and dynamic environments, and having control is key for speedy completion and fewer incidents.
With ANPR you will be able to:
• Control movement on site
• Improve security
• Limit site access
• Track vehicles efficiently

How ANPR Works

Our ANPR software works by locating the number plate on a vehicle, through our cameras, and capturing that data using A.I. Our software will then create a log of all plates read along with the time-stamped image.

Evercam and ANPR

At Evercam we went one step further and connected ANPR to our Gate Report tool, so now your reports are even more valuable.
All the data collected is stored and you can go back and check every vehicle movement on your site.

Gif of the Gate Report

Adding ANPR to your gate report.

Evercam Gate Report

Evercam is now offering Construction Site ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) feature. This feature will be able to recognize the number plate of a construction vehicle from a distance of 6 to 18m from the entrance.

Using the Evercam platform you will be able to view:
• Number of vehicles on site
• The type of vehicle
• Exit and entry times
• Duration spent on site
• Vehicle license plate

Gate report with ANPR embedded